The European Health Summit is an annual event brought to you by the European Business Summits. As with all of our events, the focus is on bringing together businesses, policymakers, and academia to debate the key healthcare issues in Europe and beyond.


We are proud to present the 2nd edition of the European Health Summit that will take place under a hybrid format 9th December 2021 within the walls of Egmont Palace, in Brussels

“Every crisis makes way for new opportunities. This counts even more so for European integration.” 

This year’s edition, titled “Future preparedness. Joining forces to foster Europe’s Health Resilience“, will be structured around the four following pillars:

  • Covid 19 & Transatlantic cooperation
  • Innovation in Healthcare
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Global Health and Future Preparedness 

The pandemic has forcefully shown that European countries have no other choice than to embrace their cooperation if they want to overcome the ongoing crisis. Future preparedness lies at the heart of this renewed cooperation, which needs to be accomplished in a synergetic and cross border – continental manner. This will enable Europe to recognize major global health shifts and crisis management, which will undoubtedly position the union as an international healthcare leader. 

As health priorities are shifting worldwide, the European Health Summit will gather experts, industry leaders, policy makers and relevant multidisciplinary stakeholders to address the challenges and opportunities that come with these swift changes in a constructive dialogue.”

“COVID-19 is teaching us important lessons. We need more international cooperation and solidarity on health, not only to combat epidemics, but also to strengthen public health systems within Europe and elsewhere.”
Petra de Sutter
Belgian Deputy Prime Minister
“Recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic will require health services that reach people equitably no matter where they live.”

Hans Kluge

WHO Regional Director Europe

“We are in a crisis, a time of insecurity, of vulnerability. A time in which everyone involved – also politicians – are having to do things they’ve never had to do before. Obviously, everything is not going to go smoothly. We understand both sides – there is a lot of fear and insecurity. It is important to focus on a solution.”

Özlem Türeci

Chief executive office and co-founder of BioNTech